Automatic Irrigation / Drip Systems

Torrey Pines Landscape Co. Inc.

AUTOMATIC is the key word here.  We want to create watering systems that are easy to use, don't require a lot of monitoring and gets the job done.  We do this by analyzing the site and engineering a watering system that makes sense.  We take your garden's size, microclimates and needs all into account.  For example: if you have a large two acre site, you might save thousands of dollars a year by having us install a satellite controlled irrigation system. Whereas a small coastal cottage property would not warrant the expense of such a system.  The types of controllers we use are among the major brands of Rain Bird, Hunter and Toro.  We use the Weather TRAK brand for our satellite installations.

The simple mechanics of a watering system that hold up year after year are the basis of all of our installations.  For example, all of our lawn and shrub risers are installed with "swing joints" that are multi-directional swivel joints which protect the PVC pipes from breaking even when lawn mowers or children intervene.  We place the remote controlled valves where they are hidden by plantings, yet easily accessed for repair and service.  No valves or mainlines are located near a home's foundation.  The layout and spacing of heads are designed to keep moisture away from a home's exterior.

With the water shortages and rationing, Torrey Pines Landscape has been on the leading edge of utilizing the newest irrigation technology.  We replace water-wasting fixed nozzle heads with the new mini-rotating heads from Hunter Industries or Rain Bird.  We are also converting some systems to underground drip systems where it makes sense to install them. We also utilize fertilizer injection with our drip systems as well.

Whether you have a large garden, or a small one, you'll have a peace of mind in knowing that we have taken the time to teach you to understand your new irrigation system.  What this all means is that you can count on your new automatic watering system to apply just the right amount of water at the right time to keep your garden beautiful and healthy!