Masonry Walls and Garden Planters

Masonry walls can create an outline of your personal sanctuary.  They are an extension of your home's architecture and can wrap the garden in a solid boundary while also providing a nice sound buffer.  The material and style choices are vast.  Walls can have a variety of textures from all stone to all smooth stucco.  They can be solid or have a more open feel by using lath or wrought iron inlays.  We have built walls with planters cut out in the top of them to grow hedges or other plantings for extra height, privacy and interest.We sometimes embed low voltage lighting into the wall for visual ease of navigation and for up-lighting accent effects.

Walls are sometimes used to create separate outdoor rooms or to screen gardens from drives or utility areas. Another great use of masonry walls is for incorporating built-in seating.  If you have a garden that needs additional seating for the occasional party or some entertaining, you can seat a lot of people on the "seat walls" without sacrificing too much of the hardscape space.  Seat walls should have a height of 17" to 19" and a width of 9" to 18."  We can cap them with decorative stone or tile for a more finished look.

We also use walls to create a sense of depth where there is none.  For example, if your landscape challenge is a slope rising up right behind your house, we can build terraced masonry planters and retaining walls to control erosion while gaining use of more hillside space.

Walls are not an inexpensive item, but they are long lasting and are considered the "bones" of garden planning.  Like all garden improvements they should be considered carefully and designed to create a seamless flow of interest and excitement in the landscape.