Trellises, Arbors and Gazebos

Custom arbor showcasing the owner's treasured pillars

Trellises, Arbors and Gazebos not only make your gardens more inviting but also serve as major architectural elements in your overall landscape design.


*Shade - an overhead structure can diffuse the    sun's glare and convert a sun baked area into a cool oasis.
*Add Visual Interest - a well placed structure can create a focal point in your garden.
*Enhance Privacy - especially when homes are built close together, a strategically placed arbor provides a measure of privacy.

As with any building or construction project, planning is one of the most important steps. In addition to developing a design that fullfills your needs, there are a number of factors, as in legal (HOA) restrictions, and code requirements, that must be taken into consideration.

We have the expertise to handle any over-head structure additions from the design, through permitting and construction, to completion. Visit our portfolio to see completed projects in Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Del Mar and San Diego.