Outdoor Fireplaces and Cooking Areas

How fortunate are we to live in San Diego with such a desired year round outdoor climate?  We can build great outdoor rooms and entertaining areas within our gardens that allow us to get the maximum use out of our personal spaces.  What we find about outdoor fireplaces is that they have a tendency to extend the use of these outdoor living spaces into the cooler months.  With a nice big open hearth fire roaring, we are invited outside into a campfire like experience even in the middle of our mild winter.  Fire features can really vary in price and style.  We can build something as simple as a free standing fire pit to a pretty elaborate fire and water feature combined.

Torrey Pines Landscape has been building a lot of outdoor kitchen islands that combine: entertainment bar, eating area counters, BBQ, refrigerator and storage drawers.  Also some of our clients have asked us for charcoal and wood-burning grills, rotisseries, smokers and outdoor sinks.  All of these just add to the fun of spending outdoor time with family and friends.

One thing that really separates our custom crafted designs from the store bought pre-fabricated variety is quality.  All of our Fireplaces, BBQs, Water features and Cooking Islands are cast in place steel reinforced concrete structures.  We do not use pre-fabricated aluminum, galvanized studs or pressed board.  This type of pre-fab construction is light weight and what happens is that these structures crack and start coming apart as the years roll on.  So, if you are interested in quality and are planning to enjoy your investment for more than a few years, it will pay to spend a little more up front rather than having to replace pre-fab garden features again later.

Our expertise runs on the artistic side, and you'll notice the creative use of veneers of natural stone, brick or smooth stucco on our BBQs, kitchens and fireplaces.  We work with each client, making sure that the entire outdoor garden and its features are a personal reflection of their individual style.