Wooden Patio Covers

We believe that your home says everything about you.  We also believe that an outdoor room should look as good as any one of your inside rooms.  With that said, a patio cover becomes more than just another amenity.  We like to design patio covers to be a creative extension of the home's living space.  Outdoor ceilings whether they are solid, open beam or lath, add an extra special feel of a cozy area to enjoy with family and friends.

Patio covers are built many times to provide outdoor shade.  What we need to consider is the angle of the sun's rays in the heat of the day during the warmer months of the year.  We may off-set the cover from the obvious location to accommodate this factor.

Another consideration to keep in mind if installing a patio cover is if it will block light coming into the home.  A patio cover attached to the home can create significant shade inside the windows of the home.  If this is undesirable, one alternative is to build a free standing patio cover that is set off the home.

Materials used for patio covers are usually wood.  Sometimes a rough hewn rustic look is desired.  We use a high grade wood free of heart wood.  Typically we use wood types of Western Fir, California Redwood and Red Cedar.  If the structure is to be painted, we can use an industrial paint sealer and then paint the cover with several coats of the homes trim color or sometimes just a traditional white.  Synthetic plastic and aluminum materials are available, but unless we are building in a fire zone, we like to use natural materials for their warmth and integrity.  Many times we will build structures that are dressed up with columns of stucco, brick or stone.  Sometimes we use cast concrete columns that veneer a steel post system.

Patio covers come in other shapes too.  We've built long narrow ones that are supported by just two posts.  These are great to screen a neighbor's home or provide shade for a bench.  Other times we have constructed patio covers that are more like awnings than covers.  We've designed arbors around existing trees that end up like square donut shapes that are really interesting.

The design possibilities are endless.  We have built round covers, solid covers, angled covers, multi level covers and pitched roof covers.  What really counts is that the structure integrates with the home's style, the new garden shape, and your personal landscape requests and requirements.