Water Features

A water feature is nearly always the focal point of a garden. They transform an outdoor living space into a retreat where you are invited to stay and relax for a while.

The sparkle of water moving in the air and the soothing sounds of a splashing fountain are just two of the many reasons to add a water feature to your landscape. They can be simple or elaborate, formal or natural, prefabricated or custom, a bold centerpiece or an understated background element. Whatever you desire to create your personal sanctuary, Torrey Pines Landscape Company can help bring your dream to a reality.

For a Koi Pond to be structurally sound, we use only steel and concrete. This means they are built as a swimming pool with incredible integrity. Most failed installations are due to using cheap plastic liners, which can get punctured or lose its position and fall below the water line thus creating leaks. The shape of the basin is very important as to keeping raccoons and birds of prey out and water circulating properly.  This involves building a deep, vertically edged pond. We veneer all surfaces with natural stone to give the appearance of a just discovered pond in a wooded area in Japan.

Proper aeration for the Koi is imperative. Sufficient flow of falling waters from waterfalls and adjoining rivers will provide proper oxygenation of the water, ensuring healthy fish. Others factors are state of the art filtrations, energy efficient and quiet pumps, and proper hydraulics in plumbing to keep everything imitating nature without extra cost.

We’ve noticed clients naming their fish and speaking of their different personalities. Koi literally become pets to many. And if you are a bit stressed from a long day, there is nothing like sitting by the pond watching your fish. It’s very therapeutic. A strong connection to nature is created for the entire family to enjoy!

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