Maintaining The Garden Splendor

Landscape Maintenance Maintaining The Garden Splendor

If you’ve ever tried planting a new tree, patch of grass, or even just a tomato plant in your garden, you’ve probably found that keeping your plants alive and thriving is a lot more work than you originally thought. You can put hours into your garden or lawn, yet the same plants that flourish in your neighbor’s yard seem determined to shrivel up and die in yours.

Contrary to what you may think, maintaining your landscape involves quite a bit more than just planting and watering. Different plants require different types of soil with their own acidity levels, trimming schedules, and even specific types of pest control. As your landscaping grows more intricate and begins incorporating fauna from different climates, its maintenance becomes even more complex and involved.

This is why landscape redesigns don’t end at the close of the project for Torrey Pines Landscape Company. Our teams of maintenance specialists can be seen almost every day of the week all over San Diego providing customized care for each landscape we have designed to ensure that the gardens, outdoor rooms, and watering systems look and perform like new.

Attention To Detail – Plant-Specific Care, Soils, & More

If you’ve ever seen a lonely and desolate hillside with a few scattered shrubs capable of growing on its soil, you may have wondered how they differ from the other plants. Are they just tougher, or is something else going on?

Every plant species differs in its preferred growing environment, including temperature, moisture level, soil makeup, and acidity. While some especially hardy plants have a higher tolerance for variances in this environment, many of the flora we find especially beautiful and aesthetic require highly tailored environments to grow and thrive in.

Maintaining this growing environment can get time-consuming and arduous, so we offer our maintenance teams’ expert services to ensure you can get the full enjoyment out of your landscape and ensure it will look great for years to come. Our teams will amend and fertilize soil to ensure proper levels for your plantings. We provide plant-specific care for more labor-intensive flora like rose bushes, fruit trees, and tropical plants. We also assess different plant pests and diseases that may crop up to provide proper treatment.

Removing Weeds And Pests

A major issue any fledgling gardener has run into is weed and pest control for their newly growing plants. Determining how much pesticide and herbicides to use can be tricky, as too much will kill the plants you’re trying to grow, and too little will barely slow the parasitic flora and fauna down.

Our maintenance teams are fully certified in pesticide application, so you never have to worry about your children or pets being negatively affected by their application. Further, our team members have decades of experience creating the proper mix of herbicides to ensure your gardens stay weed-free and your plants stay healthy.

Keeping Up With Seasonal Plantings

The difference between annual and perennial plants is similar to that between a fruit tree and the annual wheat crop. The same fruit tree will provide delicious fruit every year, while wheat must be harvested and then replanted year after year.

Flowers aren’t meant to last forever, but that doesn’t mean your landscape needs to lose the richness and vibrancy of their showy blooms. Your perennial plants will bloom at least once a year, but your annual plants will only flower once. That’s why our maintenance teams keep your garden well-stocked with in-season annual flowers that will provide a constant pop of vibrant color to your outdoor environments.

Maintaining Your Investment

Much like remodeling your bath or kitchen, redesigning your landscape can represent a significant investment in your property. The hard and soft components incorporated in your redesign will take quite a beating from the elements and may become damaged if they go unchecked.

Your irrigation system can additionally become damaged or clogged due to weather or just through the passage of time if it isn’t regularly maintained. A faulty irrigation system can lead to entire swaths of your yard becoming unusable or a floral dead zone, leading to a costly repair or rebuilding.

Keeping up with your outdoor spaces is a weekly endeavor that many of us simply do not have the time or knowledge to do it right. That’s why we work to protect the investment you have made for your property and ensure that you can continue to enjoy it at its full potential for years to come.