Modern La Jolla Home Gets A Dash Of A Tropical Landscape

Landscape Design and Construction Modern La Jolla Home Gets A Dash Of A Tropical Landscape

Trends in architecture develop, flourish, and decline over the space of decades and centuries. From Byzantine, to Romanesque, to Gothic, Baroque, Victorian and Modern, architecture morphs slowly from one form to another, with each style leaving its imprint on the next and thereby becoming timeless.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many styles of landscaping that have developed over the years! This was the lesson learned by one La Jolla homeowner, whose gorgeous early modernist home was being sorely undercut by a front yard comprised of early 70s-style hedge-and-turf landscaping.

The homeowner wanted a landscape that would both complement the unique architecture of their house and provide the curbside view a splash of color and vibrancy that was otherwise lacking. To kick off the much needed garden update, they called up the local experts at landscape glow-ups, Torrey Pines Landscape Company.

The perfect floral accoutrement to this specimen of early modern architecture? A lush and vivacious tropical arrangement, of course. While water conservation is always a plus in the parched hills of La Jolla, the compact space of the yard allowed for the use of tropical plants without turning the property into a water (and money) sink.

Out went the tired and gnarled hedges lining the perimeter planters, and in went a vibrant mix of cordylines, canna tropicana, and several specimen palms to help accentuate the stark architectural lines of the home. The cordylines and canna would provide a well-needed splash of color, while the cheeky fronds of the palms helped break up the relative homogeneity of the property’s sand-colored walls.

While the tropical flora was already breathing new life into the property, the yard’s hardscape would need to be altered to complete the renovation. The blank, grey concrete walkway and driveway had to go.

Ripping out the concrete slabs, the Torrey Pines team utilized tiles of sandy-colored tumbled travertine to create a new entry and footpath from both the garage and sidewalk. New slabs of concrete that matched the color and style of the footpath were laid down to make up the driveway. Intersecting lines of travertine bricks were incorporated into the drive to help provide visual variety.

The old saying goes that the devil is in the details, and that goes double for crafting a custom landscape. To provide the viewer with a greater sense of depth, the tropical flora used in the landscaping tapers as it approaches the front border of the property, growing in height and intensity as it extends towards the home. The planter walls utilize acid-etched concrete bands that mirror the stark lines of the architecture.

While many landscape styles quickly come in and out of style, Torrey Pines Landscape Company’s specialty is creating lasting designs that can hold up alongside the architecture of the home. The secret is careful attention to every detail of the landscape during the planning, planting, and construction process.

If you have a dream for your home’s landscaping, don’t let another year slip by with it unrealized. Give Torrey Pines Landscape Company a call and let your imagination run wild!