Rancho Santa Fe – Coastal Hillside Overlook

Landscape Design and Construction Rancho Santa Fe – Coastal Hillside Overlook

The increasing trend of marriage ceremonies and other events taking place on country club grounds is a testament to the draw and power of a beautifully constructed landscape. Simply owning land overlooking a pristine course might be enough for some, but one Rancho resident was determined to make the most of his perch above the fairways. This homeowner wanted a landscape that would both match the gorgeous Spanish Mediterranean architecture of their home and provide prime access to a splendid view of the golf course nestled into the Chaparral hills of coastal California.

To get the project underway, the homeowner got in contact with a San Diego local landscaping specialist that is no stranger to the Mediterranean style of design: Torrey Pines Landscape Company. Taking note of the property’s layout and its orientation towards the fairway below, Torrey Pines set about the complicated task of creating a landscape that functioned both as a standalone outdoor haven and a frame for a more expansive view of the hills.

The house’s construction used a combination of stone-and-mortar and flat stucco, so the decision was made to extend the dusty colored sandstone as the primary material used for the yard’s hardscaping to provide a sense of continuity. A perimeter sandstone brick walkway, broken up by small patios featuring centerpiece water features, would be used to provide an elegant path towards the back of the house and towards the golf course. 

Leading visitors through the landscape on a traditional stepping stone path, bordered by hedges, youthful rose bushes, lavender, and flowerbeds producing a vibrant menagerie of whites, pinks, purples, and reds. Beech trees would lurk in the background, providing an added measure of privacy and breaking up the sightline as the viewer meanders down the path.

Upon reaching the back end of the house, the viewer would be greeted with an expanse of open space looking over the fairway below and the empty hills beyond. This view would be broken up only by another two-tiered water feature, surrounded by white roses and verdant greenery. The path would split at the perimeter’s center, with the western end terminating in an outdoor lounging area that provides an unimpeded view of the pristine surroundings.

Looking back towards the home itself, the viewer would be drawn towards a newly revitalized multi-tiered pool area, with the hardscaping comprised of yet more of dusty-colored sandstone. A stone veranda extending from the building gives way to a series of elevated planters, filled to the brim with flowering greenery and mature beech trees, interspersed with stone stairways that connect the pool patio to the terrace above.

The outdoor area is now a rustic Mediterranean garden path that features the splendid views of the valley below as its centerpiece. If you have a dream landscape for your home, don’t let it slip away. Torrey Pines Landscape Company’s specialty is turning your fantasy garden into your real-life outdoor playground!