Say Hello To The 2023 CLCA Presidential Award Winners!

Awards Say Hello To The 2023 CLCA Presidential Award Winners!

We have some exciting news! Last year, it was announced that Torrey Pines Landscaping Company was declared the 2023 CLCA Presidential Award winner in their annual Beautification Awards!

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is a statewide non-profit trade organization comprising state-licensed landscape and landscape-related limited specialty contractors. The organization’s 2,500-strong membership roster also includes suppliers, landscape architects, educators, public officials, and students.

The CLCA performs a variety of functions for both members and the public at large. The organization and its 15 constituent chapters provide contractor certification opportunities, put on public events, and highlight its members’ most impressive landscape designs and beautification projects.

The San Diego chapter of the CLCA’s annual Beautification Awards is the organization’s way of showcasing the impressive work of its members, who represent some of the best and brightest landscaping contractors in the world. 18 award categories exist that recognize individual elements of a design-build project, including lighting and water efficiency, as well as overall recognition of a project’s scope and quality.

The President’s Award – a distinction for the best entry in any landscape installation, landscape renovation, or Green category – was awarded to Torrey Pines Landscape Company for their recent total property redesign in La Jolla. This project created a three-tier extended entertainment area from a previously unusable hillside, effectively doubling the usable space and beautifying the remainder. 

Mark Southern, Registered Landscape Architect and Project Manager states, “This project exemplifies design-build at a large scale. It had many challenges that needed to be overcome to complete. We seamlessly integrated new construction with existing & developed every inch possible for this client.”. When asked, “What special or unique problems were encountered with this project?” he answered, “The slope development was the most difficult task. Construction of the boulder rip-rap & timber steps was very challenging.”.

Read more about the project here.

Torrey Pines Landscape Co. is no stranger to being awarded for its designs, but that doesn’t mean the company has any intention of resting on its laurels. With each new award comes a renewed determination to remain on the cutting edge of landscape design and construction!