The Annual La Jolla Secret Garden Tour

Landscape Design and Construction The Annual La Jolla Secret Garden Tour

The neighborhood of La Jolla in San Diego is one of Southern California’s most precious gems, featuring 170-odd years of history and some of the most gorgeous natural and crafted sceneries in the world. The La Jolla Historical Society is a group dedicated to preserving the buildings, streets, and stories that have made the neighborhood what it is today. It has organized events that allow the public to enjoy the area’s great charm while helping fund the preservation of what makes it great.

One such event, the Secret Garden Tour of La Jolla, allows the public to explore the expansive gardens and landscapes created with the patronage of its residents. Visitors will be able to walk through select properties and enjoy the results of the hard work and dedication that was required to build some of the most impressive landscapes in the country.

The properties taking part in the Secret Garden Tour will feature landscapes created by some of the finest designers in our corner of the country. Design styles of the secret gardens are exquisitely diverse and range from modern to classical, from French Chateau to English cottage style.

Among the featured properties, you may notice a familiar lush, whimsical secret garden feel, similar to this Mediterranean-styled manse landscape designed and constructed by Torrey Pines Landscape Company. This design was one of our favorites, featuring a manicured garden path lined with flowering shrubs, miniature hedges, and a lush array of palms, local flowers, and lavender. Some of the central focal points in the design include a terra cotta water feature, a shaded garden rest area, raised planters featuring mature olive trees, and a trestled archway that leads to a secluded flower garden.

We encourage you to reserve your tour today. The proceeds will allow the Society to continue its work preserving the magical history of our little piece of paradise and educating future generations on what makes it so special.

If the tour inspires you to create your own secret garden, but you’re unsure where to start, contact Torrey Pines Landscape Company. Our seasoned and award-winning design team will help you transform your property into the landscape of your dreams!